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These seat covers are guaranteed to fit on all OEM or classic International Harvester Scout 800 seats. Bring a touch of class to the interior of your 800 - or make things a little more breathable with our new Vinyl seats with Wax Canvas centers. Handmade with the finest materials. Supplies limited.



2 Front Seat Covers, top and bottom.

1 Back Seat Cover, top and bottom.


Installation Difficulty :

Green Circle - Beginners welcome.

Scout 800 Full Set

  • Seat covers that have not been installed can be returned within 14 days of purchase for a full refund or - in most cases - an exchange. If the seats have been installed, returns and exchanges are subject to return approval based on the reason of return (eg. defects, no longer want, etc.) and may require a restocking fee of 50% of the total purchase price. The other 50% will be returned to the customer.


  • We know that a lot of our customers are first timers in the world of upholstery installation. Here are some tips from our Upholstery Pros about the care, keeping, and installation of your new Custom Cut Covers.

    1. Save Install for a Sunny Day - Our covers are made and stored with care before making the trip to your door. Often times, this can make the fibers in the upholstery shrink and stiffen. Try to install on a warm, sunny day in moderate sunlight. The warmth will help loosen up the material and make it that much easier to get your seats back where they belong. (If in a pinch, though not ideal, the heat can be supplied by a hair dryer. This does take much longer).
    2. Clean Stubborn Marks on Vinyl with Rubbing Alcohol - Most blemishes on your upholstery can be lifted with a terrycloth rag and some warm water. If you find that your seats have stubborn residue, sometimes left during the shipping process, take a terrycloth rag (Or mild scrubby side of a sponge) and use rubbing alcohol to get it out.
    3. Don't Force It - If you are struggling to install your seats, don't force them on. Sometimes it's important to take a step back and call a professional to help out. If you're in the Phoenix, AZ valley, we are more than happy to help. Otherwise, any experienced automotive upholsterer can do it for you.
    4. Watch For the Rating - All of our covers will have a rating which determines the difficulty of installation. These ratings can help you determine if you're willing to embark on your install journey alone, or if you need to factor in an install pro.
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